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Patient Testimonials

"From day one, I was impressed with the personal care, treatment and positive “vibes” that everyone offers.  I especially liked the fact that there was input from several therapists- all offering education on what I need to accomplish and the “push” to keep stretching and exercising and the results (positive, albeit slow) that are actually happening. 

Another plus- scheduling and changes are cheerfully done. At MOR everyone works together for the benefit of the patient… and it sure shows!!!

Tim -  You have an outstanding rehab practice! From day one I felt secure, cared for and happy with not only the program, but the entire staff- Everyone is (or at least seems to be) proud to be part of your team- Wow!

Josh- I cannot begin to say enough about your skills- your positive and encouraging instructions along with a calm, happy demeanor made all the stretching, exercising and healing possible. Thank you for your expertise! 

Sunny- Thank you for the positive stretches and workouts…. The exercises and massage. Your name fits your attitude- you are a plus and hope to see you at MOR.

Brie- Guiding me through my program, you have been a star and a joy! Thank you for correcting me and helping me to achieve goals! I’m looking forward to “working” with you- your smile is so encouraging, your knowledge sure helps me and makes sure I’m stretching correctly!

Also thanks to Jon, Dakota, and Katherine for the guidance. You all go out of your way to make our program possible. I look forward to continuously with your guidance. 

Chris, Lisa, Brandy- Each one of you added a dimension to my therapy – how individual and valuable your knowledge; your ability to get me to do and understand my path to better mobility – Thank you Everyone


Birmingham, MI

"After going from zero exercise to cycling, tennis and yoga, it was no surprise that I overdid it and suffered an injury.  I strained my rotator cuff during a yoga class and was in excruciating pain. I couldn't lift my arm at all.  I went to Lisa DeConinck at Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and from the first 10 minutes of Lisa working on my shoulder and asking me questions about my injury, pain and mobility, I felt reassured that my injury would not sideline me for long.  Lisa and her colleagues are extremely knowledgeable and caring.  Almost immediately, she knew what I had done to my shoulder and started working on it.  She gave me exercises to do there and at home and within no time, the pain and the limited mobility dissipated.  I continue to work at home to strengthen the shoulder muscles, per Lisa's recommendations and I'm back to my physical activities.  The atmosphere at the office is both friendly and welcoming.  These are professionals who truly care about patients and get excited to see progress in their recovery.  And (this is super important to me), when I walked in the door for my appointments, they were always ready for me and had smiles on their faces."


Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I am extremely pleased with the physical therapy I received at Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. After my bilateral knee surgery in December, Drs. Jeannette and Timothy Wiater put me on a sensible rehab program that allowed me to gain more range of motion in my knees than I had anticipated. They also helped me build the muscle tone I needed to walk normally. They put me on a sensible schedule in their clinic where I could progress each week as well as providing me with the proper exercises I could do at home to keep the progress going. While the machines available to me at the clinic worked very well, it was the hands on care that I received that made the difference. Because I was always seen personally by Tim or Jeannette, they were able to closely monitor my performance and adjust my treatment accordingly. They made me feel like I was the most important patient at the clinic. I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of physical therapy and also desires the personal care they deliver."


B. A.

Bloomfield Hills, MI





"After a fall which resulted in broken forearm I had a couple of months of therapy with Anne the Occupational Therapist. My appointments always began promptly, sessions were flexible, and atmosphere was relaxed yet very professional. I am very pleased with my results and gained complete functional use of my arm. The entire staff was very pleasant to deal with! I highly recommend Michigan Orthopaedic Rehab."


M. M.

Bloomfield, MI


"I had crushed my leg in a work accident in March 2013. I started therapy at MI Orthopedic Rehab in April, when I started I could not put weight on my leg. The staff at MI Orthopedic Rehab is very knowledgeable and took my limitations very seriously. The staff was always friendly and helpful, by pushing me to my limits, and not the “one size fits all” approach. The MI Orthopedic Rehab staff had me back to nearly 100% in a short time, approximately 8 months. I hope I never need physical therapy, but if I ever do, my first call would be to MI Orthopedic Rehab. Tim and Jen Wiater sincerely cared about my recovery and I whole-heartedly thank them for their great work."


R. P.

Birmingham, MI





"I have been pleasantly satisfied with MI Orthopedic Rehab. I have been to a few physical therapy centers prior to coming here and I would recommend MI Orthopedic Rehab to as many people as I can. Thank you again for taking such good care of me."


E. C.

Clawson, MI





"I came here with practically no movement in my arm, and after three months I certainly can see a great improvement. It hasn’t been easy, but it was well worth it."


B. S.

Clawson, MI





"I broke my wrist and severely injured my hand. I was unable to perform basic needs. My doctor referred me to Anne Chmielewski, certified Hand Therapist. I met with Anne and she immediately evaluated my condition and developed an individualized program that was challenging. At every session I was motivated to work hard and challenge myself. Anne exhibited dedication that gave me the determination and workout satisfaction that I needed. I began seeing progress that was absolutely amazing. I was able to move my wrist and hand which was very rewarding. I always looked forward to my sessions because I was making major accomplishments. Anne is a very compassionate, kind and motivating person. I had the utmost confidence in her ability to make sure I would have the full use of my wrist and hand. When I started my therapy sessions I never thought I would be able to take care of my needs. It was quite a transformation! The entire staff at Michigan Orthopedic Rehabilitation demonstrated total commitment and created a caring environment."


D. B.

Southfield, MI





"I recently had knee replacement surgery at William Beaumont Hospital and my surgeon recommended Michigan Orthopedic Rehabilitation center. It was close to my home and easy access in and out. When walking into the office, I found it warm and friendly. Any questions I had were answered quickly and with much knowledge. I worked with a small group of people who showed me how to do exercises, and I also worked with Tim Wiater for stretching exercises. Tim Wiater pushed me to do better at each visit, but also listened to my concerns when I felt an exercise was painful. He always said “try,” and for that I am getting around almost, if not better, than before surgery. It is very important to have a good rehab center; one you can trust to get you back on your feet. I would recommend Michigan Orthopedic Rehab center. Thank you Michigan Orthopedic Rehab, you helped me to love myself to do better and see that only I could achieve success if I followed your plan."


F. D.

Berkley, MI





"Each day I felt better, stronger and more confident that I will be 90 to 100% back to myself soon. Thank you and your staff. Dr. Tim Wiater my prayer for continued successes are sent your way."


R. M.

Detroit, MI





"When I arrived at Michigan Orthopedic Rehab, I had just survived 4 operations on my right elbow which resulted in 3 plates and almost 20 screws holding my right elbow and humerus bone together. Tim Wiater did my initial evaluation and told me in all honesty I had a long road ahead, not to get discouraged, and he felt his hand and arm specialist should be in charge of my program. Anne spent many hours, not only working on my injury, but also finding two significant mechanical devices that clamped my arm, which allowed me to control the bending exercises for my elbow. Michigan Orthopedic Rehab went the extra mile to find this equipment and have it especially designed for my rehab program. When I originally arrived I could not hold a pencil, today I have full control of my hand and fingers. I can write fluently, regained full range of motion of my shoulder, and can bend my elbow almost all the way to my nose. Anne really knows what she is doing. Lastly, I regained so much strength in my arm that I have to be careful not to overuse it. I can’t wait for spring so I can practice my new golf swing."


P. K.

Beverly Hills, MI





"I am very pleased with the care that I received at Michigan Orthopaedic Rehab. I knew I had to go to therapy, but I wasn’t really thrilled with that. I’ve heard of multiple horror stories about rotator cuff rehab, and it frightened me. From my first visit to the last, the entire staff showed concern about me, and made my health their number one priority. Amy, Jamie, Greg, Dr. Tim, and the rest of the staff are genuinely caring people. It is apparent that they like their careers. Considering I have a very intense personality, they never made me feel out of place, and my rehab was of their utmost concern. Pushing the envelope in stretching and exercising is a must, but I was never pressed to any unusual painful situations, and my shoulder was pretty torn up. Now my good shoulder is my bad shoulder! Not really. My rehabbed shoulder feels 99% back to normal, and in just 5 short months! Thanks to all of you at Michigan Orthopaedic Rehab!"


C. R.

Sterling Heights

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