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At Michigan Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, we are proud to offer pediatric services through Michigan Pediatric Rehab!  M.P.R. is located right within our office. We have a private pediatric treatment gym where our therapists can deliver hands-on, individualized treatment plans without the distractions to optimize the patient-therapist interactions. We are pleased to offer pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy & speech therapy.

Pediatric Specialties
Orthopaedic Conditions
Neurological Conditions
Sensory Integration Disorder
Gross and Fine Motor Delays
Connective Tissue Disorders
Muscle Tone
Developmental Delays
Sports Medicine
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
Speech and Language Disorders
Feeding and Swallowing
Hearing Impairments

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Pediatric-logo-teal_pink PNG.png
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