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Christine Buchanan PT, MPT, APTA CAPP OB, Stott Cert

Physical Therapist

Christine has over 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist. She received her undergraduate degrees from Grand Valley State University as well as University of Michigan-Flint and completed her Master's in Physical Therapy from University of Michigan-Flint. She is a runner and enjoys working with athletes post injury so they can return to doing what they love.  She has started programs specific to prevention of ACL tears in high school female athletes focusing on jump training. She is certified in Stott Mat Pilates and has completed the Stott Intensive Reformer instructor training program. Christine has extensive experience using her Pilates and reformer training working to advance stability in athletes such as basketball players, runners, volleyball players, swimmers and figure skaters. She provides private and group classes to swim teams to improve core strength and work to prevent injuries. Christine also is now focusing on working with women before, during and after pregnancy to educate them on proper  exercises to prevent injury and allow them to safely and appropriately regain the strength needed to return to a healthy active lifestyle. In the past year she has attended and passed the three levels of the Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy Track hosted by the APTA. She is presently working on obtaining her Certificate of Achievement in Obstetric Physical Therapy. In the next year she plans to focus her training on Pelvic Health. She feels it is important that women are able to return to activities to stay healthy after pregnancies and surgeries that can impact core and pelvic floor strength. She has experienced herself the problems related to postpartum weakness as she has four children and has had multiple abdominal surgeries. Since she was able to learn to regain control of her core muscles she was able to return to running. She most recently completed the 2023 Detroit Marathon and is planning on running 2 more in 2024. She is certified in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization in FMT Blades and FMT Blades Advanced through Rocktape. Christine also splits her time working with the Pediatric population. For 17 years she has worked to advance the skills of our younger patients impacted from birth by gross motor delays, torticollis, and muscular and neurological conditions. She has worked in the school system and is familiar with IEP's and school based therapies. She has worked with Special Olympics in Michigan. She also works with the University of Michigan-Flint Physical Therapy Program and their student interns.

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